Doll Arm Coat Hooks

Doll arm coat hook

Doll arm coat hook

£19.99 – £21.99

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Add a bit of cute kitsch to your home with our HANDmade Doll Hand Coat Hooks! 

Here at Leith Toy Hospital, we make sure that every single thing gets used and nothing goes to landfill! Any spares we have left over, we try to upcycle into HANDY products such as these daft Dolls’ Arm Coat pegs!

Our Dolls Hand Coat Hooks are perfect for unusual Christmas gifts or original birthday gifts for the fan of kitsch in your life – we’re always here to lend a HAND!

Our Doll Arm Coat Hooks are a perfect unique gift for those who need a bit of weirdness in their lives. Each one of our Coat Hooks are made from up-cycled materials from our workshop, meaning each Coat Hook is sustainable and good for the environment. Our Coat Hooks come in two different sizes, either three arm hooks or four arm hooks so there is always enough hands to hold your coats.