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Doll Restoration Services by Leith Toy Hospital

antique doll restoration
Before and after - repairing a shattered head

Here at Leith Dolls’ Hospital, our team of doll restorers work on all kinds of modern and antique dolls. Our doll repairs range from small repairs such as doll restringing and replacing doll eyes to larger jobs like reconstructing shattered porcelein dolls or rebuilding limbs. From sprucing children’s favourites to antique doll restoration, no dolly is beyond repair at our doll repair shop.

If you’ve got a dolly in need of repair, please fill out our quote request form with a picture of your dolly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

In addition, we offer a dolls’ hair styling service, and even a dolls’ dressmaker! Visit our selection of dolls’ dresses here. 

Doll restoration service in progress

At Leith Toy Hospital, we offer sympathetic doll repairs which preserve the character and value of your doll. We will never do any doll repair without your consent, and we will never do anything that can’t be undone. We use period appropriate materials wherever possible.

Within our doll restoration team, we have specialists in plastic dolls, bisque, pot and porcelein dolls, composition dolls, soft bodied dolls and much more. We also have a mechanical and electrical specialist for any mechanisms, motors or animatronics. If your dolly is lucky, they might get to visit our doll’s hair stylist and costumier, Kiaz!  Find out more about our dolls’ dressmaking services here.

Dolls' hair stylist

Doll Repair Price List

Here are some guideline prices for doll repairs. If you’re able to send us some pictures of your doll, we will be able to provide you with a quote. 

Please note: prices listed are before VAT. VAT will be charged at 20%. 

Body repairs
Repair Doll Type Pricing
Surface clean (doesn’t include hair) Any £40-70
Re-string Hard body, strung doll £35
Reattach limb Hard body doll (no elastic)
Cloth body with wired limbs
Cloth body with sewn-on limbs
£70-150 per limb
£15-50 per limb
£60 per limb
New cloth body Cloth body with hard limbs £315
New eyes Pod eyes (soft plastic modern dolls)
Antique eyes fallen in (we still have existing eyes)
Source/make antique eyes
£45 + £20 materials
Starting from £90
New eyelashes Any £45 one/both
New voicebox If the voicebox is accessible £45 plus £20 materials
Paint touch-up: face only
Paint touch-up: per limb
All painted dolls
Crack fill (includes painting)
Repair cracks


Hard plastic (NB repairs still visible)

Soft plastic/rubber (NB silicone doesn’t glue)

£75 per limb/torso + £105 for the head
Or £360 full body
Crack at seam: £45-90
Non-seam crack: £70-135
Quote on an individual basis
Re-building smashed head/limb from existing pieces Bisque head
Pot head
Bisque limb
Pot limb
New finger/toe Hard plastic/bisque/composition/pot £65 first digit, £15 thereafter

Hair and Clothing


Doll Hair Type



Brush or de-tangle

Tidy (trim/snip loose ends)

Rooted/wefted hair
Glued/styled hair (only limited cleaning possible)
Rooted/wefted hair only (for unstyled hair; glued hair can’t be brushed)
Any (e.g. mohair glued wig)



Styling/setting Any
Short, rooted
Long wig
Cut into new style: £90
Curled and set: £135
Up-do styling: £135

Rooted hair

(Reborn dolls: As these dolls vary a lot, their hair can be very difficult to match. We recommend you go back to the artist who made the doll, for re-rooting.)

Partial head (e.g. fringe) £45-120
Full head £315-630
+£35 materials sourcing fee
+cost of materials



Old wig removal
Removing old rooted hair
£25-115, depending on quantity of glue
Synthetic Wig (from a limited choice)
Mohair wig made from wefts (from a limited choice)

£75 before styling (this is to source, buy, and fit)

£180-315 before styling (this is to source, buy, make into a wig, and attach)

Alternatively, if the customer provides their own wig we can attach: £40 for synthetic or mohair whole wig attach


Wash – delicate hand wash (for cottons and linens)
Wash – steam clean (for silk and wool)
£45 for first item, £18 thereafter
£40 per item

Clothing repair


£15 per seam repair
£40 for first patch, £25 per additional patch
Quote on individual basis
Bespoke custom-made clothing £25 design fee
Prices from £150 up for dresses
Plus £35 materials sourcing fee


There is currently a deal whereby you can buy up to 3 £10 vouchers to spend with us for £5 apiece. You can buy these through itison here. 

Doll Repair Examples

Doll hospital Lead times

Our doll repair shop is currently booking around 12 weeks ahead for antique extensive doll restoration. However, let us know if your doll repair is urgent, or the owner can’t sleep without it, and our doll restorers will do our best to accommodate your request. We also try to fit in quicker jobs (such as doll restringing) sooner. 

doll repair shop

Where to Find Leith Toy Hospital

We’re based at 64 Constitution Street, along with our sister company Picture to Puppet.

Contact us with your doll restoration and doll repair enquiries.