Doll Repairs

Doll Restoration Services by Leith Toy Hospital

We repair and restore all kinds of modern and antique dolls in our Leith dolls’ hospital. Our repairs range from small repairs such as doll restringing and replacing doll eyes to big jobs like reconstructing shattered porcelein dolls or rebuilding limbs, no dolly is beyond repair! 

We offer sympathetic doll repairs preserve the character and value of your doll. We will never do any repair without your consent, and we will never do anything that can’t be undone. We use period appropriate materials wherever possible.

Our doll specialists Katy and Angela carry out most of our doll repairs. Our mechanical and electrical technician Charlotte works on any mechanisms, motors or animatronics. If your dolly is lucky, they might get to visit our doll’s hair stylist and costumier, Kiaz!  

Doll Repair Price List

Please note: we have currently reached capacity for doll repairs, but we expect to be able to take in more dolls soon! 
Check back here for updates or get in touch for a quote

Doll Repair Examples

Doll hospital Lead times

We have about a twelve week lead time for extensive doll restoration. However, let us know if your doll repair is urgent, or the owner can’t sleep without it, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We also try to fit in quicker jobs (such as doll restringing) sooner.

Where to Find Leith Toy Hospital

We’re based at 64 Constitution Street, along with our sister company Picture to Puppet.

Contact us with your doll restoration and doll repair enquiries.