Doll Repairs

Doll Restoration Services by Leith Toy Hospital

Doll Restoration Process

We repair and restore all kinds of modern and antique dolls in our Leith dolls’ hospital.

Our doll specialist Katy carries out antique doll restoration as well as repairing modern dolls. Our mechanical and electrical technician Charlotte works on any mechanisms, motors or animatronics.  

Below are some guideline prices for our doll repairs. If you’re looking for something that’s not listed here, or you’re not sure what your doll needs, get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

Doll Repair Price List

Restring £33
Reattach non-strung Limb £38 per limb
Repaint body £155
Repair crack £33 to £140
New finger/toe £33
New cloth body for rubber doll (sewn on limbs) £240
New cloth body for rubber doll (strung/ring limbs) Attach limbs £33
New body £55
Wash and comb hair £28
Surface clean £22 to £38
New pull string £33-£66
New face / face touch-up £28
Walking Mechanism Repair £70
Eyelashes replaced / made £20
New Clothing £45 – 140
Eye replacement £33 + materials (£5-15)
New voice box £30 + cost to order
New limb (made) £350
New limb (sourced) £30 sourcing fee + cost of part
New wigs

£22 + materials (£5-25)

Bespoke mohair wig (built from wefts)

£82 + materials 

Doll Repair Examples

Doll hospital Lead times

Our dolls hospital services are very popular and we currently have about an eight week lead time for extensive doll restoration. However, let us know if your doll repair is urgent, or the owner can’t sleep without it, and we will do our best to accomodate your request. We also try to fit in quicker jobs such as doll restringing sooner.

Where to Find Leith Toy Hospital

We’re based at 64 Constitution Street, along with our sister company Picture to Puppet.

Contact us with your doll restoration and doll repair enquiries.