Rehome an old toy

Toy Rehoming

We want to ensure that every toy has a loving home to go to! We’ve got lots of beautiful antique, collectible and modern toys who are looking for loving new homes. They’ve all been donated and lovingly restored by our expert restoration team. 

Give an old toy a loving home

We’ve got a wonderful collection of preloved toys looking for loving new homes. Our selection of beautiful antique toys and modern toys are available to purchase from here or also from our ebay store. There’s something for everyone and every budget – collectible toys, Victorian dolls, antique bears and cuddly friends. The selection is always changing, so it’s worth checking from time to time! Rather than buying new toys every time, think about offering a home to a toy that’s got a story to tell and lots of memories attached to it. 

21st November 2020 -Yard Sale (on our front step)

1pm-3pm outside Leith Toy Hospital

If you’re local, stop by our yard sale on Saturday the 21st of November and pick up a bargain! We’ve got over 40 toys looking for loving new homes this Christmas. They’ve all been donated, and we’ve cleaned them up and repaired them. There are lots of toys that are £4, and some more valuable ones too. Everyone who adopts a toy will get a personalised adoption certificate.

There is a facebook event here – invite your friends!

We also have handmade masks for sale.
It will be out on the front step with social distancing measures in place – one household at a time on the step. Please wear a mask.

If you’re not local, scroll down – you can buy online too.

Toys available for rehoming

Caroline is a real character! She craves attention and will need an assertive owner who will make sure she behaves (and doesn’t eat too many chocolate biscuits!). She is a very active doll – despite being of quite advanced years, her joints are all in excellent working order and she likes being out and about.

COST: £10.00 + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 136cm/14 inches. Head circumference: approx. 23cm


Gregory and Georgia both met at the Toy Hospital and are now inseparable friends! They are both very sweet-natured teds who enjoy a good cuddle. Georgia loves being told stories and jokes, while Gregory is more partial to music. Greg can be a bit shy with new people and Georgia has been helping him to build up his confidence – this is why we would like them to go to a new home together.

COST: £10.00 for both + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 26cm/10 inches


Teddy Snowball loves cuddles, board games and hot chocolate (he is very careful to not get his lovely white coat dirty). He is a sensitive soul who would like a calm household where he will get lots of attention and praise – once he feels relaxed, he is the life and soul of the party. Snowball is quite fussy about his appearance and really enjoys being brushed and pampered – the perfect spa day companion!

COST: £10.00 + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 14 cm/9 inches


Marlita Pony is sassy and has a witty sense of humour. She enjoys the finer things in life such as attending tea parties, social gatherings and eating imported apples. She is a fan of the great outdoors and describes herself as a fair weather walker. Sadly she’s missing her saddle, leaving a gap in her life (back).

COST: £7.00 + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 20cm / 10 inches


Kathy is a fun and mischievous member of the Toy Hospital gang. She loves chatting with the other dolls and is always up-to-date with the latest gossip! She’s not a fan of eating vegetables, and will need an owner who makes sure she does lots of exercise and doesn’t sneakily push her broccoli off her plate! She will make a very loyal and lovely companion.

COST: £10.00 + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 40cm/15.5 inches. Head circumference: approx. 29cm/


Pedro is shy in nature and takes a while to warm up to people. However once you’ve gained his trust, he’s fiercely loyal and is quite the chatterbox. He’s an avid reader although much prefers having someone read to him. He’s got quite the imagination and would love someone to go on adventures with.

COST: £5.00 + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 25cm / 10inches


Casey is a reformed pirate who has turned in his pirate hat and sword. Due to a life time habit of carrying a sword, he is constantly seen to be carrying a sword made of felt. It’s a sweet reminder of his former life where he sailed the seven seas, and also a reminder a quieter life on firm ground is much preferable these days. He’s a great storyteller and has everyone here at the Toy Hospital hanging on the edge of their seats during story time.

COST: £4.00  + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx. 16cm/6 inches


Diego is lively character with loads of energy and has no concept of an indoor voice. Take care when sitting next to him on a car journey as it can be quite impressionable. He loves swimming and his favourite move to getting in the pool is a cannonball. He’s quite a joker and is looking for someone to hang out with.

COST: £5.00 + postage (or collection from our studio)

Length: approx 28 cm / 11 inches



If you have a toy you don’t want to keep, drop it through to us and we will ensure it finds its way to a loving new family. If you’re clearing out your loft or making some space, don’t bin those old friends, just send them through!