Sheepskin Teddies and Leather Toys

Beautiful nappa leathers and soft suedes can make the most enduring soft or hard stuffed toys. What do you do when the stitching falls apart or the leather fades and cracks? It is often difficult to find the right craftspeople to repair old leather toys as the material has a whole set of different needs when being worked. From gentle cleaning methods to hand stitching with special leather needles. Our leather toy restorer has the skills to repair your treasured leather and sheepskin items back to life. He is a specialist in animal skin toy repair and real fur toy restoration. Perhaps it is the leather hands of a monkey or gorilla with stitched fingers that needs some attention, or a seventies furry Koala bear that was a much loved Australian souvenir.

Our Leather Specialist

Our leather toy restorer Juan has a wealth of experience repairing sheepskin teddies, animal skin teddies and leather toys. We repair lots of fur koala bears and sheepskin teddies, as well as antique leather toys. We have dealt with fixing up the smallest leatherette or suede nose on a teddy. As well as full sets of reins for a Victorian rocking horse. Often we can replace or patch areas on a hide that cannot be saved with an antique scrap. It might not be exact but it will be as close as possible.

Some toys nowadays are also made of eco leathers and manmade alternatives which handle very differently. We often get sent leather toys that have been accidentally mauled by the family pet! Even if you think the leather parts are irreparable we can advise you on methods of restoration to save the toy and give it back its polished shine!

Here are some guideline prices for repairing soft toys. We charge a 20% fragile materials surcharge for toys which are made from leather or animal skin. As these materials are very time consuming to repair. 

If you need a real fur toy restoration, or a sheepskin teddy or a leather toy in need of some TLC. Get in touch – we’ll be happy to help!

Juan Lebron carrying out a sheepskin teddy repair at Leith Toy Hospitals Toy Repair Shop

Sheepskin and leather toy examples