Leith Toy Hospital helping local community during lockdown

Here at Leith Toy Hospital we’ve been helping keep the community cheerful during lockdown, with our window displays, and by sewing scrubs for the NHS. 

The Big Bear Hunt – the worldwide trend of putting a bear in your window for children to spot on their daily walks – resonated with the staff at the Leith Toy Hospital! We decided to create a window display of our bears, toys, dolls and puppets, so they can see out of the window and wave at the passers-by on the street! 
The window now features a different selection of teddies every day, as well as toys dressed up as doctors and nurses! 

Teddy Window Display

Along with so many others we’ve been reading in the news about the shortages of protective equipment faced by the NHS. Here at the Toy Hospital, we wanted to try and help our friends out over at the human hospital. 
We came across an initiative called ‘for the love of scrubs’ who are recruiting sewers to make scrubs for NHS Scotland staff. We wanted to help, so we’ve turned our sewing machines to the task. They also have a Go Fund Me page set up, where you can donate. out

We were very pleased that both the Edinburgh Reporter, and the Edinburgh Evening News picked up on what we’ve been up to! 

Article in Edinburgh Reporter

If you’re passing Constitution St on your daily constitutional, then remember to look out for the toys in the window, and give them a wave! 

And if you’re very lucky – some children have been finding teddies in plant pots on the Toy Hospital steps with “I’m looking for a loving new home” labels around their necks. If you find one you can take them home!

Teddy looking for a new home

Toy Hospital Top Tips

hospital nurse

Here at the Leith Toy Hospital we are always very careful with health and hygiene. In the present climate, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of nurse Nancy’s best advice. We wanted to make a serious set of guidelines from the W.H.O become a little less scary for children and their toys.


Take Your Temperature

thermometer temperature

Remember to keep a close eye on your temperature so that you know straight away if you develop a fever. Hold the thermometer under your tongue for one minute, or use an ear thermometer. It’s great if you can practice doing this yourself, or with a friend.

Keep Your Distance!

keep your distance

Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Why? When someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain virus.

Be Prepared

be prepared with supplies

A lot of our senior bears are over seventy or have underlying health issues. Therefore, make sure you have medical supplies at the ready. Above all, be prepared!

Stay Informed if self isolating

stay informed teddy

Keep up to date with the latest news from the World Health Organization. Find out what steps you and your toys need to practice because of the virus to say as safe and snuggly as possible.

Sneeze Into Your Elbow

clown sneezing into sleeve

Help your toys stop spreading the virus any further. Teach them to sneeze into their sleeves. Dispose of tissues carefully, consequently reducing spread of infection.

Stay Connected With Social Media

barbie waving on skype

If you cannot visit friends in person due to isolation, use skype to have a chat and keep up morale. A web chat Wednesday could certainly help relieve boredom. Why not have a virtual teddy bears picnic!

Don’t Listen To Gossip

gossip teddies

Finally, try not to worry too much because it can rub off on others. Ignore any scary stories you may hear. If we all help each other by being positive. Talk with your toys nicely, and they will be similarly calm and content whilst we wait for brighter days.

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for more child friendly posts in the future. Finally, stay safe!

Toy Hospital Top Tips March 2020

Leith Toy Hospital’s Oral History Project

Many of the toys that come in to Leith Toy Hospital have wonderful stories connected to them, and all of them have special significance to the people they belong to. We’re collecting stories of beloved toys so that they can be preserved and shared. We’re going to create a blog, and eventually an exhibition, with photographs of the toys before and after repairs alongside their stories. We would love to have any toy hospital patients and their families participate, but it’s completely optional.

We have a simple form with some questions about your toy’s history- you can answer as many or as few questions as you like. If you’d like to tell us your toy’s story, we now have a form on our website, or you can pop in and fill one out in person in our Edinburgh workshop.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Junk Rescue Teddy Repair

Teddy Repair on Junk Rescue by Mari and Emma at Leith Toy Hospital

You can now watch Leith Toy Hospital in Action on TV! Leith Toy Hospital was featured in an episode of Junk Rescue for CBeebies. Mari and Emma were filmed repairing the Junk Rescue teddy alongside Danny Sebastian.

You can watch us fixing the Junk Rescue Teddy here!

Danny Sebastian from Junk Rescue spent a day here at Leith Toy Hospital along with a film crew. They filmed us fixing up a broken teddy with a new arm, a new eye, a restuff and a foot repair.

Junk Rescue Teddy Repair at Leith Toy Hospital

Every episode of Junk Rescue, the team visits a different British craftsperson in their place of work and demonstrates their unique way of upcycling unwanted items. It was really cool to see first hand how a TV programme is made and how much goes in to filming each frame. The film crewe spent a total of 8 hours at Leith Toy Hospital, and there were about 6 people working on it. We had to film every frame multiple times.

The Junk Rescue teddy was in good company – tens of broken teddies and dolls are admitted to Leith Toy Hospital each week for a huge variety of ailments. Our treatments include joint replacements, new paw pads, restuffing, new eyes and much more! Find out more about our available toy repairs here.

At Leith Toy Hospital, Mari, Emma and their team restore both modern and antique dolls, teddies, rocking horses, jack in the boxes and more. The range of different toys that come in to us never ceases to fascinate us, and we’re learning new things every day.

Leith Festival Teddy Bear’s Pic nic 2019

Our Annual Leith Festival Teddy Bears’ Pic nic will be on Saturday 15th June 2019 from 11-2. Provided it is dry, we will be on Leith Links by the tennis courts. If it is wet, the pic nic will be here in the studio.

We’d love to see you there! Bring along your favourite teddy and some snacks to share. No need to book. Spaces aren’t limited if we’re on the links, but if it rains and we end up in the studio it will be on a first come, first served basis.

We’ve got lots of pre-loved donated teddies and dolls that are looking for loving new homes! They’ll be available for a donation to the fund for distressed bears. (The fund for distressed bears subsidises repairs for families who can’t afford to have their favourite toy repaired). If you’ve got any old toys who you’d like to find a new loving home for, feel free to bring them along to donate.

We’ll also be doing consultancies at the pic nic, so feel free to bring along any sick toys to chat with us about repair options.

Invite your friends to our facebook event!

Find out more about Leith Toy Hospital here.

Leith Toy Hospital in the Sunday Post

Leith Toy Hospital in the Sunday Post

We’re honoured to have found Leith Toy Hospital in the Sunday Post last weekend! It’s been a lot of fun setting up the Toy Hospital and it’s also been very rewarding. It’s so nice to have been noticed like this and we hope to be fixing sick toys for many years to come!

Here’s the page about us!

Have you got a teddy or a doll in need of some TLC? Have a look at some of the services and prices we offer here!