Teddy and Doll Clothing

We offer teddy and doll clothing options to suit all sorts of budgets. We sell a range of low cost ready made teddy clothing and dolls clothes, and we also offer a custom teddy and dolls’ dressmaking service.

If you would like something off the peg, just let us know – we can rummage through our stocks and we can give you some options that would fit. As toys come in so many shapes and sizes, it’s a bit of a lottery!

Custom Toy CLothing

Treat your beloved toy to a fabulous custom made outfit! We pride ourselves on custom dolls dresses and toy clothing and take great joy in making it. Our team of couturiers will make your toy’s outfit to the highest standard of tailoring. We even have an in house dress and textile historian who can advise you on period appropriate clothing for your toy – down to several layers of historically accurate underwear, if required. Our range of garment options is unlimited – if you can dream it, we can make it! 

Replicating an existing outfit

If your toy’s original outfit has got lost or worn out, we can also make custom teddy clothing which closely replicates the original. We can even replicate the print with a custom print. 

custom toy clothing


Our onesies are designed to cover and protect fragile material on teddies and other soft toys. There are a good option if you don’t want a full re-covering but want to prevent additional wear. They can include sleeves, legs, hoods, and a number of decorative features. We generally use fleece for its cuddliness and close fit, which is available in a wide range of colours. Prices range from £25-65 depending on complexity.

Built-in Teddy Clothes

Some cuddly toys are made with toy clothing as an integral part of their body. We can also repair or re-cover this clothing, matching the original material as closely as possible. Prices start start at £30 and go up according to complexity and materials.

Custom Made Teddy Clothing

If you’d like your teddy bear dressed in a dapper waistcoat, cute dungarees, or tiny dress, just ask! Our custom teddy clothing options are unlimited. We can copy an existing garment, work from a drawing, or just a description. We also offer custom printed teddy T shirts. Prices start at £30 for simple garments, and go up according to complexity and materials.

Historical Dolls' clothes

We can make doll’s clothing that is in keeping with period of your doll. Our dressmaker Kiaz has worked in dressmaking for 40 years and counting, so your dolly will be the most pampered about town! If you’ve got an idea in mind, we can work from your description, or if you’ve got a clean slate we can produce some drawings for you to choose from. If you’re going for period accuracy, we even have an in-house dress and textile historian on hand to advise. You can even have historically accurate undergarments for your doll if you like!

Historical Doll's Clothing
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