Teddy and Doll Clothing

teddy and doll clothing made to order
Three happy teddies in their new jumpers!

Would you like your favourite old teddy bear, doll, or other cuddly toy to have some nice new clothing to go along with their repair? We are happy to make all sorts of garments, and can even make a copy of an existing one. We also offer close-fitting onesies to protect fragile material. There are a good option if you don’t want a full re-covering but want to prevent additional wear. Take a look at the images below for some examples of teddy and doll clothing we’ve made.


Our onesies are designed to cover and protect fragile material on teddies and other soft toys. They can include sleeves, legs, hoods, and a number of decorative features. We generally use fleece for its cuddliness and close fit, which is available in a wide range of colours. Prices range from £25-65 depending on complexity.

Built-in clothing

Some cuddly toys are made with clothing as an integral part of their body. We can also repair or re-cover this clothing, matching the original material as closely as possible. Prices start start at £30 and go up according to complexity and materials.

Waistcoats and more!

If you’d like your teddy bear dressed in a dapper waistcoat, cute dungarees, or tiny dress, just ask! We can copy an existing garment, work from a drawing, or just a description. Making tiny clothing is honestly one of the most enjoyable parts of the job, so let your imagination go wild! Prices start at £30 for simple garments, and go up according to complexity and materials.

Doll clothing

Many dolls arrive at the hospital already beautifully dressed. We are happy to repair and clean doll garments, or make new ones. As with the the teddy bear clothing, we can work from an existing garment, picture, or description. However, having some sort of image to give us is the best way to ensure the result is what you had in mind!

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