Teddy Bear Passport

Teddy Passport

Teddy Passport

£5.00 – £15.00

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Why not treat your teddy to their very own custom Teddy Bear Passport. Our passports are perfect for those who love to go off on adventures with their special friends. For custom passport with all the details already printed into the passport, send us a photo of your beloved teddy along with their name, nationality, date of birth, place of birth and gender and we will fill out their little passports for you. Or alternatively, buy a plain passport and fill out the details yourself at home. Either way we’re sure your teddy will be thrilled to be able to travel the world with you.

Plain Passport: £5

Custom Passport: £15

Our Teddy Bear Passports are perfect for those who love to go on adventures with their favourite teddy. The Teddy Bear Passports can either come plain without any details filled in or, if you send us your teddy’s name, date of birth, nationality, gender and a photos of them, we can fill in the passport for you so they are ready to go off on their adventures. Our plain Teddy Bear Passports start at just £5 and our custom passports with the details already filled in are just £15. Each passport is 9 cm x 4 cm which is the perfect size for your little cuddly friend.