Teddy booking FAQs

If you’ve been sent a teddies booking link, here are some FAQs which might provide some useful information! 
If your question isn’t answered below, you could look at our General FAQs page, or, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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Why do you have a teddy booking form? 

We’ve reached capacity for our teddy repairs at present! We can’t take in any more teddies at the door or in by post, so we’ve implemented a booking system whereby once we have space, you can send us in your teddy. This means you have less time away from your teddy. 

The next available slot isn’t for a few months, can you repair my teddy sooner? 

If we do move through our list faster than expected or have cancellations, there’s a chance the lead times may reduce, but currently we are working a few months ahead.

How long will the repairs take? 

We will aim to have the repairs completed within a month. If there are any delays in this (for example materials taking a long time to arrive), we’ll be in touch. 

My child can’t be parted from their teddy for very long. Can you do a fast turnaround? 

Get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.  

The repair is for a special occasion, but there are no repair slots available before that date. Can you help? 

If we don’t have space to do the repairs by a deadline, we also offer vouchers! You could give the voucher as a gift on the special day, then use them for a repair at a future date. 

I also have a doll, do I need to book them in?

Yes! Our teddy and doll departments have different slot availability so you will need to book them in separately. Please submit a quote using the form here and we will get in touch with a quote and more information about booking your doll in.

Can I cancel or move my repair slot? 

For any reason, if you’d like to cancel before sending us your teddy, please let us know, so we can offer the slot to someone else. If we’ve already received your teddy and you don’t want to go ahead with the repairs offered. We do ask that you either come to collect your teddy, or pay for return postage (please note the deposit is non-refundable). If you’d like to move your slot, get in touch and we’ll let you know whether it’s possible. 

My teddy is booked in repair slot for 5 minutes at the beginning of a month, will they be finished in a day?

No, this is a quirk of our booking system. Your teddy will be with us up to for 4 weeks (subject to suppliers and staff availability). The booking system we use requires you to book a time and a date which is why it is set up like this. Please do not come to collect a teddy without confirming it is finished with us first.

I’ve been sent a teddy booking form but my toy isn’t a teddy

For other soft toys (if it’s a mouse, dog, ragdoll, or dragon!) we put them in the teddy ‘department’. We often use teddy to refer to soft toy. 

Can I drop off my teddy before its booking date?

We prefer to receive all teddies in the month just prior to when your teddy’s booked in. For example, if your teddy is booked in in September we would like to receive your teddy between the 1st and 31st of August. If you need to drop in sooner than that (for example you’re visiting Edinburgh and would like to drop off), please contact us to see if we have the space to take it in early. 

Something’s come up and I can’t get my teddy to you for the right date, what shall I do?

Contact us and we’ll try and help. 

Will you contact me before my repair slot to remind me? 

Yes, we’ll contact you the month before your teddy is booked in, reminding you to send us in your teddy. But we also recommend you make a note for yourself to send us in your doll in the appropriate month. 

What happens after I send you my teddy? 

We’ll let you know that it’s got here safely. At the start of its repair slot, our teddy experts Emma and Aimee will check it over and we’ll provide a final quote for the repairs we can offer. Then, you can choose which repair options you’d like to go ahead with. Once repairs are confirmed and any materials ordered, we’ll send you over an invoice and begin the repairs!

When/how do I pay? 

Payment is due on receipt of the invoice (around the time we start work on your teddy). We take payment via BACS, card, or cheque. 

How should I package my teddy?

For fragile toys, we recommend putting them in a box and padding the teddy with all sorts of things, shredded or balled up paper is very good. For less fragile teddies, you can wrap them up in bubble wrap and sent them in a jiffy bag. 

If you have any further questions that we haven’t answered above, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!