The best part of our jobs is always seeing customers’ reactions when they see their newly restored toy for the first time. We hear some wonderful stories about the important roles toys have played in people’s lives, and are always very invested in their recovery! We have had some wonderful letters and emails of appreciation from our customers, which mean so much to us. Here are some of our favourites:

We have received 'Mousey' and absolutely thrilled to pieces at his recovery. The delight and comfort this precious toy gives us - well no words can describe it. Thank you so much, for offering such a facility as yours, the updates and finally a job so very well done."
Leith Toy Hospital Customer
"That is so great, that is Ruby back, thank you, thank you, how you managed that is amazing, I'm so excited to see her and she will be so pleased to be like herself again, thank you so much, I can't wait to see her, I'm going to phone my friend now and tell them."
Leith Toy Hospital Customer
"We received our teddy and he is fantastic, he's extremely similar to the original. My daughter was delighted."
Leith Toy Hospital Customer
"You have made Big Ted smile again and his smile is so cheeky and endearing. And I love his soft nose! Thanks to you he will make it for another generation at least - he has notched up 3 already, having been born in 1940. Thank you so much - I am delighted!"
Leith Toy Hospital Customer