Junk Rescue Teddy Repair

Teddy Repair on Junk Rescue by Mari and Emma at Leith Toy Hospital

You can now watch Leith Toy Hospital in Action on TV! Leith Toy Hospital was featured in an episode of Junk Rescue for CBeebies. Mari and Emma were filmed repairing the Junk Rescue teddy alongside Danny Sebastian.

You can watch us fixing the Junk Rescue Teddy here!

Danny Sebastian from Junk Rescue spent a day here at Leith Toy Hospital along with a film crew. They filmed us fixing up a broken teddy with a new arm, a new eye, a restuff and a foot repair.

Junk Rescue Teddy Repair at Leith Toy Hospital

Every episode of Junk Rescue, the team visits a different British craftsperson in their place of work and demonstrates their unique way of upcycling unwanted items. It was really cool to see first hand how a TV programme is made and how much goes in to filming each frame. The film crewe spent a total of 8 hours at Leith Toy Hospital, and there were about 6 people working on it. We had to film every frame multiple times.

The Junk Rescue teddy was in good company – tens of broken teddies and dolls are admitted to Leith Toy Hospital each week for a huge variety of ailments. Our treatments include joint replacements, new paw pads, restuffing, new eyes and much more! Find out more about our available toy repairs here.

At Leith Toy Hospital, Mari, Emma and their team restore both modern and antique dolls, teddies, rocking horses, jack in the boxes and more. The range of different toys that come in to us never ceases to fascinate us, and we’re learning new things every day.

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