About Leith Toy Hospital

About Leith Toy Hospital

Want to learn more about where we came from? Leith Toy Hospital grew out of Picture to Puppet, a custom puppet-making business started in 2013. Run by Mari Jones and Emma Forrest, Leith Toy Hospital officially opened its doors in 2017, and has been growing in popularity ever since. Leith Toy Hospital and Picture to Puppet coexist in a cosy studio at 64 Constitution Street, where new puppets and repaired toys can be seen sharing space in the window. Our soft toy repairs range from dog-mauled favourites to antique teddy bears. We have also admitted dolls in various states of ill health ranging from cracked porcelain to broken eyes. Come visit the studio and see us at work!

What Happens at the Teddy Hospital?

You can either bring your toy in or send him/ her special delivery in the post. When Teddy is admitted, they will be tucked into one of our little beds and looked after by our Teddy Nurse Clara Bearton. We will chat through some different repair options with you and fill out a form. We will give them a careful operation (under anaesthetic of course) and let you know when they are ready (anything between a few hours and a few weeks from their admittance). When teddy is ready to go home, we will fill out a sick note stating what they need to do make a full recovery!

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Who We Are

The team consists of Mari, Emma, and Nurse Clara Bearton.















Mari studied textiles at the University of Edinburgh, and Emma studied Dress and Textile History at the University of Glasgow. Both have been sewing for as long as they can remember, and have many beloved cuddly toys of their own. They make and repair soft toys every day, so they’re experts at conducting repairs. Clara Bearton recently completed medical training and is now on staff as a fully qualified teddy nurse practitioner. She looks after the patients while they’re recovering, and keeps Mari and Emma on task. You can find the team at work in the studio at 64 Constitution Street, Monday-Friday, 10-6. Bring your favourite teddy along and come say hello!

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