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Lucky dip adoption

Can you offer a loving home to one of our pre-loved toys? With our lucky dip adoption you will receive a surprise toy!

adoption pack

Adopt a toy and they will come with their own little sleeping bag, adoption certificate and a patch up plaster kit! 

teddy sleeping bags

A cosy fleece sleeping bag for your teddy, available in three different sizes and a variety of colours!

Leith toy hospital shoulder bag

Take your newly mended toy home in one of our gorgous and comfy shoulder bags!

leith toy hospital t-shirts

Humans shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun – by popular request, our staff T-shirts are now available to buy!

leith toy hospital badges

Show your allegience to the UKs favourite toy hospital with these exclusive pin badges! 

teddy t-shirts

Keep your teddy warm and stylish in a Leith Toy Hospital T shirt!

patch-up plaster kit

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doll’s smock dress

Our range of timeless doll’s dresses which are here in our workshop with an easy fit covering dolls around 15″-25″. 

custom made ‘gabrielle’ paddington hat and coat

The Teddy tailors at the Leith Toy Hospital have helped many of these classic teddies regain a fresh look with a snazzy new hat and coat.

doll arm coat hook

Our custom made Doll Arm Coat Hooks are a great way to hang your coats and various other items.

handmade doll foot candle

Our range of timeless doll’s dresses which are here in our workshop with an easy fit covering dolls around 15″-25″. 

pre-loved toys

Over the years, we have collected many pre-loved toys. You can chose from our vide range of adoption toys and give them a second chance at being loved. You can come down to our studio to chose your new best friend, or buy one online through a lucky dip!

Digital Gift Card

Give the Gift of Repair

No gift is better than bringing a beloved toy back to life. Purchase a gift card for the Leith Toy Hospital so your loved one can book their toy in with us.

Secure Payment

Payment through Square couldn’t be more secure.

Delivered With Care

Our items are packed carefully with stuffing to protect them during the journey.


Our priority is using recycled materials

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