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Do you or your child have a favourite toy who’s just been loved and cuddled that bit too much? A teddy full of holes, a doll with missing limbs, or someone who’s just lost their smile? 

Don’t panic! Here at Leith Toy Hospital, we’ve seen worse! We can give them a careful operation (under anaesthetic of course), and make sure that they come back to you healthy and strong enough to withstand many more years of love and hugs. In our Leith repair shop, we carry out teddy repairs and doll repairs every day ranging from much loved children’s toys to antique bear restoration.

Favourite toys are the centre of a child’s world, and it can very upsetting when they become damaged. We know how important it is that they retain the same character and expression, so will make absolutely sure that this is preserved. Our past patients have ranged in age from 1 to 120 years! They are all treated with dignity and respect and rest in little beds during their stay here.


We offer a huge range of soft toy repairs, from patching to tiny waistcoats to a full reconstruction! We also offer a doll’s hospital service, and repair and restore modern and antique dolls. Our doll repair services include restringing, eye replacement and even limb replacement. For more information, use the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or click below: 

New arrangements for collecting toys – from 17th March

Due to the advice of the UK government, we are trying to limit all of our unnecessary social contact. This is especially pertinent to us as we have a lot of elderly customers. In light of this we are now asking that customers do not come and collect their toys. We know that owners will want their toys back to them as soon as possible so we have come up with some alternative options. You can see full details here. 


Our repair shop and studio is at 64 Constitution Street , you can get in touch to find out how we can help.

Picture to Puppet

We also make custom toys and puppets to order. Visit Picture to Puppet to find out more!