Electronic and Mechanical Toy Repairs

Our electrical and mechanical toy restorer Charlotte it able to help with a wide range of modern toy repairs. Some of our previous electronic toy repairs include Tippy Tumbles dolls and electrical musical toys. We also do robotic dinosaurs, Toy Story toys and much more! Our previous mechanical toy repairs have included ponycycles, wind up toys, wheeled toys and ride on toys. 

We are currently pausing most of our electrical and mechanical toy repairs. Please feel free to send an us enquiry and we can advise further.

Mechanical repairs

Electric Toy Repair Pricing

Our electrical toy restorer will need to take your toy apart and look inside to determine whats wrong. We charge a flat £30 diagnostic fee to open the toy up, diagnose the problem, determine whether a repair is possible and quote if it is – before putting the toy back together again. 

The price of the electronic toy repair will vary depending on the extent of the problem and the availability of parts, but will include a labour charge based on a rate of £30 per hour plus any parts, batteries or materials that are required. 

Please note: prices listed are before VAT. VAT will be charged at 20%. 

The mechanical and electrical repair tasks are very varied for modern toy repairs. They include testing and re-soldering wiring, repairing music boxes. Our mechanical toy restorer also repairs or replaces wheels, and casting replacement mechanical parts where no replacement parts are available on the market. Replacing cogs and gears in toys is also a common task, as well as cleaning corroded battery compartments.

We don’t at this time repair electrical toys which plug into the mains – however we are happy to take in battery-powered toys. 

Electronic toy repair job
Leith Toy Hospital on Constitution Street

Where to find us

We’re based at 64 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, along with our sister company Picture to Puppet. We accept toys in person or by post.

Contact us if you’ve got a toy in need of some TLC. You can fill out a form on the website, drop us an email or give us a ring and ask for Charlotte. 

Mechanical and Electronic Toy Repair Examples