Levels of Doll Repair

Functional Repair

We will glue the broken parts back together, reinforce the crack and fill and gaps but this type of repair does not include painting. This means the repair will be visible and will not blend in with the surrounding area. 

This is a cheaper option suitable for a torso or limb where it will prevent the the crack getting worse but can be covered by clothes. This repair would prepare the area for painting which you could choose to get done at a later date. 

Moderate Repair

Moderate repairs include reinforcing and filling the crack and then painting to lessen the appearance of the repair. The repair won’t be invisible. This repair is a good balance of improving the appearence of a damaged doll but is a more economical option than an exquisite repair which is higher level of finish.

Exquisite Repair

A high level of restoration where the repair is as well hidden as possible, and in many cases invisible. Exquisite repairs require a large time investement and a high level of care and expertise.


Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your repair requirements.

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