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soft Toy Repair

Our sympathetic teddy repairs preserve the character and value of your toy. We will agree on repairs with you before we get started. You can read more about the various levels of restoration we offer, in the link below. We use period appropriate materials and techniques wherever possible, to match the age of your toy.

We offer a wide range of customisable services. The most common repairs are detailed below. If your teddy needs something that isn’t listed, or you’re not sure what they need, just ask!

Cleaning Tips

Through all the love our soft toys get, it’s no wonder that they can look a bit dirty sometimes. We offer cleaning services of your toys, but there are also some techniques you can try at home to keep your toys fresh and clean.

Levels of Repairs

Every soft toy repair is unique. You may want your teddy to look like new, or you may prefer it to keep its aged character. Discover more about the various levels of repair we offer, and decide which is right for your toy.

Additional Services

Is your toy slightly different from the rest? Leith Toy Hospital offers a range of specialised services, including fur and leather repairs, custom-made clothing, and even recreating a missing toy.

Price List

Head & Face

New Eyes

New eyes can make a toy’s face come to life again! We offer plastic safety eyes, traditional glass eyes, and other options such as embroidery and felt.
From £20

New Ears

We will match your teddy’s material as closely as possible to replace a missing ear or ears.
From £42

Nose & Mouth

We restore nose and mouth embroidery, plastic safety noses, and fabric noses.
From £19-38

Arm & Leg Repairs

Joint Replacement

If a limb or head has come off a traditional style teddy, it will most likely need the joint replaced. These circular discs allow the body parts to move and be poseable.
From £42-180

Paw Pads

Paw pads are often the first part of a teddy to wear out, and we stock a wide variety of materials for them, from felt to velvet.
From £27 per 1

Soft Toy Eye replacement

This wee lamb received a thorough cleaning, a new ear, and plastic safety eyes.

hole repair – visible patching.

This poor teddy suffered a dog attack! Because it already looked quite worn before the damage occurred, we matched the patches to the backing of the mohair in order to blend in with the already threadbare areas.

soft toy surface clean

This little clown is looking much fresher after a thorough cleaning.

new paw pads for soft toy

New paw pads are a great way to smarten up an old bear, and will stop stuffing coming out of the paws as well. This teddy also had its nose and mouth embroidery re-done.

teddy joint replacement

Traditional jointed teddies have flat discs that allow the limbs and head to move. A joint replacement is an easy way to reattach a limb that has come loose or fallen off!

hole repair – patching

This sheepskin teddy had the missing material replaced on its face and body. SInce the remaining fur was still fluffy, the edges of the patches blend in for a smooth finish.

teddy cleaning

This very grubby teddy needed a thorough bath in order to get back to its original colour!

General Repairs

Stuffing top up
Stuffing Replacement

Whether your teddy needs just a bit more stuffing added, or a full re-stuff, we can help! We stock antique materials such as wood wool and kapok, as well as modern polyester stuffing.
From £12
From £40

Hole Repair

We offer a wide array of options for fixing holes in your toy, from stitching up a burst seam to rebuilding a chewed-off face. Our section on Levels of Repair above provides more detail on what these repairs can look like.
From £10


Most old toys can use a good clean, and we offer everything from gentle steam cleaning for antique teddies, to a full bath for modern toys.
From £22

Restoration Services

Full Recovering

To make your teddy look like new again, our most intensive restoration service involves covering the toy with new material, keeping the original safe underneath. We can re-cover the whole teddy, or just part, depending on how badly damaged it is. See the Levels of Repair section above for more details.
From £245-£525

Rebuild Missing Limb

We can even re-create missing parts of your teddy, matching the original material as closely as possible.

rebuilding of teddy arm

We can rebuild all or part of a missing limb, matching the original material as closely as possible. This teddy needed a new paw and ear.

teddy stuffing top up

This poor bear had gone very flat over the years. We restored the original shape of the neck with a large patch, and added more stuffing so it would be cuddly again.

recovering of soft toy

This koala had lost all its original fur, we we gave it a full re-covering in new sustainably sourced fur, as well as replacing the leather claws.

full body recovering of soft toy

We can re-cover both jointed and non-jointed teddies. This non-jointed bear was extremely deteriorated, and we had to rebuild a missing leg while restoring it to like-new condition.

full body recovering of soft toy

The original sheepskin material of this teddy was too fragile to patch, so we preserved it under a full re-covering of new sheepskin, keeping the teddy’s shape and features and restoring it to a like-new appearance

hole repair – patching

This teddy had a number of holes on its face and body, so we sympathetically patched them with coordinating fur, while keeping the teddy’s original appearance as much as possible.

clothing for a soft toy

This bunny’s original built-in outfit was faded and stained, so we copied it in new material for a fresh new appearance

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