The story of Billy, a Panda belonging to Jane Evans

Jane says: “I was given Billy Panda in 1956, when I was five or six, by the teenage son of a neighbour. Billy had been his toy but he had out grown him. I remember being given Billy and immediately falling in love with him.

By the time I got to my late teens, Billy was very much the worse for wear due to many years of hugs and love. He was built on a metal frame and his right arm had worn to such an extent that he had a hook instead of a paw! At some point he had been (badly) repaired and had been stitched up the middle with red thread which made it look like he’d got a big red scar on his tummy. Although he stayed with me, he was relegated to a toy box until 2020, when he went on a visit to Leith Toy Hospital. He needed extensive surgery:  Pawdiotry; Furmatology; Bear, Nose and Throat and Internal Tedicine It’s lovely to have him back in my bedroom now!”

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