The story of Jane Bride, a doll belonging to Helen Powell

Helen and Jane Bride in the garden, August 1966

Helen says: “I spotted this doll in a toy shop window in Wimbledon, just before Christmas 1965, when I was five. She was dressed in a cream bridal dress, and there was something about her which appealed to me as soon as I saw her. I didn’t dare think that she would be there on Christmas morning, but there she was, under the tree! From then on, she was always my close companion My two younger sisters always liked her but she always stayed in my care. She even accompanied me on all our early childhood holidays to Yorkshire, to the Norfolk Broads and to the South Coast.

My grandmother was a trained seamstress and made many amazing clothes for her which I still have. All were beautifully hand sewn and finished to a very high standard. you can see some photos below. The jacket and blouse were made by hand with lovely detail including the “gold” buttons, and the dress with the jewel was a replacement dress for the rather inferior dress in which the Bride doll was dressed when my parents bought her!

She has been treasured and loved but is now having some essential repairs. Her eyes had not shut properly for some time so needed replacing. Her hair also needed attention, and she needed a good clean! I have one granddaughter who may inherit her one day., but now she is repaired, she has a place in my house where she can be admired.”

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