The story of Lammy, a lamb sent to the toy hospital by Victoria McAlpine

Victoria says “Thank you so much to The Leith Toy Hospital and especially Emma the Teddy Surgeon. I contacted the hospital during Covid-19, thinking we would have to wait till after pandemic to have Lammy looked at. Lammy is my son’s bestest friend; due to his Autism he does not adapt to change well and needs Lammy with him 24/7. When I explained this the hospital were so accommodating and had him picked up and dropped off same day. Despite the fact that Emma can work wonders on toys, all we needed was internal work and some stitching to reinforce his seams (Lammy is sometimes used as an anger toy, so he takes some punishment.) The work was done speedily and without question. Thank you Emma so much for being – well – just awesome….  He looks a millions times better and will last for years to come 🙂

My Son says the best thing about Lammy is how cute he is ”

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