The story of Bobtail, a rabbit belonging to Jennifer Scott-Hitchcock

I was given Bobtail for my 5th birthday more than thirty years ago. He came from a card shop called ‘Birthdays’, I believe. I remember how yellow and soft he was. Straight away he became my favourite, and no other toy has ever been able to come close. I have been through many difficult times in my life, and Bobtail has always been there to comfort me.  He is so special that he travels everywhere with me, and has been all over the world. He has visited Paris, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Tunisia, New York and Las Vegas. He has been on TV, in a documentary we did for Channel 4. He even came to bed with us on our wedding night! Of course, thirty years of love has led to some wear and tear: he has had his ears stitched back on many times and he has been restuffed. This time when he needed some TLC, I sent him to Leith Toy Hospital, where his eye was replaced, his mouth fixed and his ear was reattached yet again! Bobtail will stay with me forever. Let’s hope there is a nice afterlife for us.

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