The story of Stewart, a teddy given to Pamela McLauchlan on December 23rd 1957

Pamela said: “I was given Stewart on the day I was born,  2 days before Christmas in 1957. Most of my childhood toys are long gone, but I still have two special ones: Stewart the teddy and a doll called Iris, who has a pink dress and brown eyes like me. She needs repairing too, as her leg is damaged. I remember lots of my childhood toys: aTriang pedal car with lights that worked, a push-along metal fire engine, a cotton Wendy house, and various bikes.

Teddy’s first flight was to Southern Ireland when I was about 6. My children took him to France on holiday, too. I played with Stewart so much that by the time I was ten he needed repairing. With the help of my mum, I patched his paws with blue material , and gave him button eyes (I must have lost his original eyes). When I grew up, I allowed my own children to play with him, and now my two grandchildren use him in their games. Although he is now 63, Stewart is always up for a game.  He goes on trains, fits in a doll’s buggy and even played a part in a re-enactment of ‘Room on the Broom’, taking the part of the cat. I always meant to have him properly repaired, but I never got round to it. During the COVID lockdown, when I had more time, I googled the toy hospital and decided that it was time to have him professionally repaired. I hope that, in time, Stewart will be loved by my other grandchildren. One day I hope he will be passed down to future generations, to be played with and loved for years to come.”