The story of Noki, a rabbit belonging to Lee

Lee’s mum says “My son Lee used to love the Gruffalo stories when he was small. One day when he was two, he saw the Gruffalo mouse teddy in the Drogheda branch of Waterstones in Ireland and fell in love. We took the mouse teddy straight home, where Lee and mouse started to watch Curious George on the tele. The cat in the programme is called Noki, and Lee named his mouse after the cat. Noki has hardly left Lee’s side since! When Lee started school at 5 years old Noki went to school too. His understanding teacher gave a copy and a pencil to Noki too! The 2 have been inseparable for the last ten years. Noki has been Lee’s security blanket and comforter, and has come on every family holiday, even to Florida. When Lee was younger his dad told stories to Lee every night. His stories became Noki adventures: he was a right divil getting up to all sorts!

Our pet dog also loves Noki, and one afternoon she decided she wanted to check out what Noki was made of. She took him apart, till all that was left was his eyes, his nose and some of his belly. There was literally nothing left of him. We tried replacing Noki, but the new toy just didn’t seem the same. So we contacted the team in Leith, and asked them to recreate our Noki. How you managed to bring him back to us was outstanding. We can’t thank the team at Leith enough for bringing Noki back to life. Thank you! From now on, Noki is firmly kept in the bedroom to avoid future playdates with our dog!”

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