The story of Sooty, a puppet belonging to Claire Tyler Hewson

Claire says “ My brother bought Sooty for me when I was only 18 months old. He bought him from the travelling Matthew Corbett Sooty show: I was too young to go to the show myself. Sooty became my favourite toy, and for the last 35 years, he has always been there for me to cuddle. When I feel sad or just need comfort, Sooty is there. He came on all my childhood holidays: I even made my parents turn round and go back home once when I forgot him! I also took him with me whenever I needed good luck. I have vivid memories of my nan playing with me and Sooty whenever we went to stay with her. So when Nan left me some money, I decided to spend some of it on some TLC for Sooty. He was showing his age due to all the loving he has received over 35 years. He had a lot of fur missing, especially around his neck, so he had become very floppy. His paws were also very thin and shredded. It seemed likely that he would fall apart: surgery was definitely needed! So Sooty went to Leith Toy Hospital, where he had treatment in the Furmatology, Internal Tedicine & Pawditory departments. Now that he has been rejuvenated, I am going to look after him more carefully so he can live forever!”