The travels of Mun Sun, a dog belonging to Jo Lee

For 25 years I had a ‘toy’ that was my constant companion. It was a pillow called Lily! My Grandma gave her to me when I was one. I used to take her everywhere, because I couldn’t sleep without her. Lily survived for 25 years; she will always be missed. 

In 2013, soon after we met, my boyfriend and I were in Singapore. We bought Mun Sun as a travel buddy. Since then, Mun Sun has travelled everywhere with us, visiting most of South East Asia, as well as France, Belgium, Fiji, Australia, Japan, Korea, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong and Taiwan. For two and a half years my boyfriend and I were living on different continents, with one of us in Singapore and the other in Britain. I was so glad to have Mun Sun to cuddle! Now we are married,  and we want to carry on travelling with Mun Sun for as long as we can. We haven’t visited the Phillipines yet. Maybe that will be Mun Sun’s next adventure!

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