The story of Bunny, a rabbit belonging to Devon

Bunny came into our lives when my son Devon was a newborn, 10 years ago. Devon is devoted to Bunny, and when he was small he used to carry him in his hand at all times. We always had to make sure that Bunny was here at bedtime, because Devon couldn’t sleep without him. Over the years I have searched and searched, trying to find Bunny’s twin in case he was ever lost: but Bunny seems to be one of a kind! Bunny has been so well-loved; he has been a best friend to Devon through all sorts of experiences. He always comes on holiday with us, and has been to Barbados (where he unfortunately lost a leg!) as well as Spain and Arran. I have had to patch Bunny up several times over the years, but when Devon was old enough to sleep without him, it was time for Bunny to have some quality repair at the toy hospital. It was his most exciting trip ever! He was sorely missed while he was away, and it is lovely to have him back. From now on, Bunny will stay safely tucked up in bed, out of harm’s way but always ready for a cuddle!

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