The story of Sandy, a bear belonging to Sue Matthews

Sue says “Sandy was a birthday present from my Nana’s neighbour for my first birthday. He has always been with me, and was always my favourite toy. I remember another teddy called Ricky, but I don’t know what became of him, Sandy was my childhood comforter, and always slept in my bed at night. He always came on family holidays when I was a child, so he has visited lots of British seaside resorts. He’s 63 now, and was looking under the weather, so went on a trip to Leith Toy Hospital in Edinburgh. Many years ago, my mum had replaced the eyes with buttons and repaired the hand pads with bits of material, but it was clear that he needed more expert now. I used to hold his right arm to carry him, so his arm became damaged over time. Now that he is looking smart again, he has gone back on display in my bedroom. Eventually I shall gift him to my eldest granddaughter Lily. I get a good feeling every time I look at Sandy. He reminds me of childhood experiences and of special moments with family members. Sandy is very special!”

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