The story of Beary and jasmine

Jasmine says “My great nan gave me Beary when I was a newborn. Now, 23 years later, as soon as she is well enough to see me, I want to show her Beary, and tell her how special he has always been to me. He’s old now and all his fabric has become see-through. He’s lost a lot of stuffing over the years too. Many a family member has tried to patch him up, restuffing his arms and neck, and sewing up a few holes here or there; but the repairs never lasted. So I sent him to Leith Toy Hospital to be smartened up.

Beary slept with me every night when I was a child. Not just that: he came with me wherever I went. I cried up a storm if I didn’t have him, and I made whoever I was staying with drive back and get him. He used to come on holidays with me and my grandparents: he has been to Italy, as well as all round the UK.

My mum has been ill ever since I was a little girl. Beary helped me deal with that. Because I was my mum’s carer, I didn’t make friends, so I relied on Beary to help me through it all. He’s always been my favourite, together with my stuffed lamb who has been drawn all over!