The story of Nous-Nous, a bear who is 118 years old.

Cas says “Nous-nous was bought for my granny when she was a child, in 1905. He was then passed to my father when he was a child, and in turn he passed to me and my sister. When we were children, Nous-nous was considered very special due to his age. We were only allowed to cuddle him when we were ill.

The origin of the name remains a mystery (‘nous’ means common sense or practical intelligence.) He has always held great emotional significance for me as he reminds me of my dad and my darling granny.

Nous-Nous went to the toy hospital because sadly his ear had been chewed by my dog. This isn’t his first run-in with a dog: in the past he had to have a whole new face as a previous dog of mine sneaked into the spare room and savaged him! He is now 118, and is still in good shape!”

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