The story of Jingles and Marion

Marion says “I remember my dad coming home with Jingles one day. What a lovely present! It was 1954, and I was three years old. I also remember taking Jingles with me into hospital when I was four, to have my tonsils and adenoids removed. I still have my doll called Rosie, who is the same age as Jingles. I have always looked after them both carefully: they have stayed safely at home for the last 68 years, only going out whenever we move house. Jingles has recently been to the Toy Hospital in Leith to have some TLC because he was chewed by our puppy and needed a good clean. It was also a chance to mend his jingle, which was rusty! Now that he is looking so smart, he will be travelling to Ireland, to be gifted to my granddaughter on her tenth birthday.”

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