We aim to try to use all the packaging that comes to us again to package things. For example, we use only reused and recycled packaging – forgive us any crumpling! You can still re-use or recycle it when it arrives! The shredded paper can be composted, and other types of paper can be recycled. Bubble wrap can be recycled at large supermarkets with the carrier bags. Aleternativley, you can use it again to package something else.


Firstly we buy recycled paper, then we print or draw on both sides, afterwards we shred it and use it as packaging.


All of our textile waste is reused or recycled and made into new things. We use reclaimed, recycled and sustainably sourced fabrics wherever possible, for example for toiles and linings.


As a sustainable Scottish business, sustainability is at the core of our work. We hope that our repair service can extend the lives of beloved objects so that they don’t need to go to landfill. Above all we’re a zero waste business that aims to reuse as many items such as envelopes and shipping supplies. 
Through our rehoming service, we also find new homes for toys that are no longer wanted. If they are damaged, we repair them and sell them for only the cost of the repair. If they are undamaged, we clean them and then either sell or give them away.