Additional Services

custom clothing for toys

Our repair service goes beyond just fixing your toy itself. Clothing for toys can serve a protective purpose, helping to cover up fragile fur and save it from further wear. Some toys have clothing built in as part of their body. Or maybe your teddy just has a fabulous sense of style!

before and after photo of teddy with a tartan dress made from patches

leather and sheepskin toys

Our team includes a leatherwork specialist, so we can offer a repair service for leather and real fur toys. We find materials for these repairs from sustainable sources, such as leather offcuts which would otherwise go to waste. There is an additional cost for repairing leather and fur, since they can become very fragile with age, and require specialised treatment.

fur koala toy before and after repairs

re-creations of toys

If a special toy has been lost completely, our sister company Picture to Puppet can re-create it from a photograph! Their custom service includes a design sketch and materials swatches, to ensure that every detail is re-created exactly. You can contact them here.


Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your repair requirements.

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