The story of Angela: a 60-year-old doll belonging to Elaine Chambers

Elaine said “When I was three, I was given a doll for Christmas. I called her Angela: I don’t know why, as I didn’t know any Angelas. She was big, and had curly hair just like my mum’s. She came from Woolworths, in 1961. I took her to bed with me every night, so she helped me through some difficult times. I only had two dolls, Angela and a small one; I had a favourite teddy too. Angela isn’t a very well-travelled doll, but I think I took her to Blackpool where my mum came from. I sent her to the toy hospital for treatment because her eyes were aged and broken, and her hair was going green! Now she lives with my granddaughter, who is delighted to have her back to play with.”