The story of Teddy, a bear belonging to Margaret Forsyth

Teddy was a gift from my parents when I was a few months old. I had two precious toys: Teddy, and a doll called Minnie, who was made from pieces of cloth. She had been made by my grandmother who was a terrific dressmaker, and was passed down to me through the family. She had many embroidered faces over the years. She succumbed to old age when I was around 13.

When I was 12, we moved from the island of Hoy in Orkney to Aberdeen because my father had been promoted in PO Telephones. I was sent to an all girl, superior school where I was made to feel like a peasant among young ladies.

Both Minnie and Teddy helped me so much when I was taken out of my country childhood in Orkney and introduced to a very new and confusing early 1960’s Aberdeen.

When I married I took Teddy with me to Lochaber. My children and grandchildren have all known Teddy and I hope the younger ones will get to know him again. He has been much loved during his existence: in fact, he has been loved to pieces, which is why he needed help from the Toy Hospital.  He needed new paws, a new nose, a new growl and a new tummy. I missed him so much while he was in the toy’s hospital, as did my grandchildren who expected updates every time they visited. I didn’t like to bother the hospital all the time, however. It is so lovely to have him back again!