The history of an Innuit doll family

Julia told us the story of these fascinating dolls. “These dolls were made in the 1960s by Innuit people who were in hospital in Canada, suffering from TB. These TB hospitals were just for the Innuit population. The Innuit dolls are a reminder of the fact that the European settlers to Canada bought new diseases which had very serious consequences, because the Innuits lacked immunity. I am not sure how the Innuit community feels about these institutions and the projects which resulted in the production of these dolls. The dolls were given to me when I was 12 and living in Ottawa, Canada. They were a gift from a neighbour who worked in the Department of Northern Affairs, Canada. They used to sit on a bookcase in my bedroom, and have since lived with me in both Canada and the UK. The Innuit man had the fur on his hood eaten by moths, so the dolls have been to the toy hospital for some TLC.”