Po’s story

Ramandeep told us about her toy Po.

Po is 25 years old this year. I was 5 years old when I got Po, in October/November 1997 part of the first ever release of Teletubbies soft toys. My Dad queued a long time in the cold weather at Mothercare World as part of the Christmas rush – they were selling out very fast. When my Dad first got Po, my sister who is 16 months younger than me wanted a Teletubbie of her own! So my Dad got her Laa-Laa. Like typical sibling behaviour she liked  my Po. My sister still has Po now so Po still has her friend Laa-Laa to keep her company. I don’t have a very first memory but I do remember taking her to junior school with me. After 24 years of lots of cuddles she had become very fragile and needed repairing. For example her antenna become very floppy and started to show thinning in some area’s. Before sending her to Leith Toy Hospital, my grandad and sister had a go repairing her feet. Po has been with me everywhere, when I moved to university or locations within the UK. I made sure never to take her oversea’s. Po has been a constant comfort to me, looked after me when I was little right up to now. I would like Po to be passed down to the next generation of my family.